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Fuel Tank Support Brackets

Announcing a new item to repair and or prevent
a structural problem that plagues many Datsun roadsters.

The original fuel tank supporting structures are spot welded to the trunk floor. In many cars these structures are just not up to the job and allow the trunk floor to crack. Cracking from metal fatigue usually begins on the passenger side, but can occur on both sides.

Most cars can be helped by installing my support brackets that transfer load to the frame. My tank support bracket allows the continued used of the original fuel tank straps. Easy, bolt-on installation! no welding required!

$125 including shipping. $210 for a pair (if needed).

The fuel tank in a Datsun Roadster is supported by two straps that have attachment points welded to the trunk floor. Over time the weight of the tank can cause metal fatigue and cracks in the trunk floor. To repair or prevent further damage Mike Young of Datsun Sports developed tank strap brackets to transfer load to the frame.

Cracking usually starts on the passenger side but also occurs on the driver’s side. Shown below are examples of extensive cracking on both sides of the trunk floor (red) and minor cracking on the passenger side only (silver).

On my roadster over the years I noticed the cracks getting worse on the passenger side. I was not aware of cracks occurring on the driver side and sure enough there was evidence of fatigue:

The damage was not serious so to prevent further cracking I installed Mike’s brackets on both sides. The brackets are 100% bolt-on with installation taking minutes. The existing tank straps are used:

It is a simple yet effective part designed to transfer load from the trunk floor to the frame. It is also virtually undetected from outside:

Alvin Gogineni
San Jose, CA
1967.5 SPL/SR20
2013 Prius V wagon

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