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67.5 Datsun 1600 updated with KA24/ 5-speed

This is a very nicely updated Datsun 1600. It has been fitted with an engine from a 240SX (KA24). 2.4 litre with 5 speed. Wiring harness is from "vintage wire" Has a Nissan ECU (computer). Runs very well! All brakes recently replaced with all new Nissan. Also brake system uses synthetic fluid.

Recently restored, new two-stage paint (four coats of clear). New panasport wheels, new Yokohama tires. Call for details!

This is a very nicely updated one. I must admit after spending many years building these cars stock, it sure is nice to have one that requires no choke, uses regular gas, and gets better mileage than a two litre! This car employs the Nissan wiring harness and computer from a 240SX.... The motor is from a '95 240SX and is from a wreck that had very few miles. The total having less than 40K!

If this one goes on E-bay i would ask $21K.... a bit less if it is a "one-on-one" sale....enough to cover transportation costs and more.

'67 2000's are rare... and ... no I would never "update" a real one. But .... as a driver (which is kinda the point) I love this setup ! It has so much torque... just run it up to 4,000 rpm's most of the time.... Fifth gear is really overdrive ... just the way it should be!

This car is really worth a test drive... wish you were here in the Bay area ... I'd say come on by! I have quite a bit invested in this car... If done from scratch it would cost at least $40,000..... I know quite a bit of the history on this car. It was owned by a good friend (Herb Petty) who lives near me (In Modesto). We took a trip to Denver about 5 years ago. I drove my '67 2000 and got 25 MPG... which is damn good considering we were going around 80 mph out hiway 50! Herb was getting 33 to 35 mpg! That was enough to convince me that this conversion business is a very good idea. The fuel economy thing is not so much as being all about the $4.00 per gallon as it is the annoyance of filling up more often. With a ten gallon capacity it is nicer to stay out on the road if you are traveling a bit.

Call Mike at 415-828-8778 for more details.

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