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’67.5 1600 Modified

Featuring 2000 engine and 5 speed. This is a freshly overhauled U-20 having been originally rebuilt by Rebello Racing (late 80’s, have reciept) Mildly"decked" block, Full thickness (was N.O.S.) cyl. head,freshly rebuilt. All new N.O.S. Nissan timing components - From chains , tens., guides, sprockets. This high performance engine also features Solex carburetors (type 3) Which were rebuilt by Wolf creek racing (feature 37mm chokes, w/appropriate jetting). Tranmission is a Warner type unit, Also freshly rebuilt w/ new bearings-syncros. This car recently took me on a great trip to Denver with nary an adjustment or Fluid addition (exc. fuel). Documented 25 mpg @ 80plus! (gets 19 or 20 in town).

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