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Jack passed on January 11, 2011 after a long and happy Roadster mascot life by Mike’s side. Picture on left is Jack as a puppy, about 6 months old.

We Will Miss You Jack

Posted by Alvin Gx

To fellow Datsun enthusiasts and roadster owners in general Mike Young is a household name. Mike has been restoring Datsuns since the 80’s and you can see a few examples of his amazing work at DatsunSports. If you caught Mike at a Datsun car show 99% of the time you could also count on seeing his trusty dog Jack by his side. Jack recently passed away, but we will always remember him. Jack was a Datsun mascot to most of us, and over the years he would make us smile whether it was riding shotgun with Mike in a freshly restored roadster or relaxing in his arms in the warm sun at a show. Rest in Peace in Jack, you will be missed. — from ZCarBlog

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